Laboratory Tests

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  Material Description of Test
  Coarse Aggregate Sieves Analysis (Gradation)
  Flakiness Index
  Elongation Index
  Impact Value
  Crushing Value / 10 % Fine Value
  Water Absorption
  Specific Gravity
  Bulk Density & Voids
  Deleterious Material
  Abrasion Value
  Chemical Test (Organic Impurities)
  Fine  Aggregate (Sand & Stone Dust) Sieves Analysis (Gradation)
  Silt Content
  Moisture Content
  Specific Gravity
  Bulk Density & Voids
  Bulking of Sand
  Effective Size & Uniformity Coefficient
  Chemical Analysis
  Soil/Moorum Moisture Content
  Safe Bearing Capacity
  Grain Size Analysis (Classification)
  Sieve Analysis (Gradation)
  Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit
  Proctor Compaction Test (OMC-MDD)
  Laboratory CBR
  Specific Gravity
  Effective Size & Uniformity Coefficient (Cu & CC)
  Swelling Pressure
  Free Swell Index
  Chemical Test (Sulphate, Chloride, PH)
  Bitumen & Emulsion Specific Gravity
  Penetration Value
  Softening point
  Flash & Fire
  Bituminous Pavement Layer (B.M., D.B.M., S.D.B.C., B.C.) Job Mix Formula (Marshal Method)
  % Bitumen Content
  All Types of Cement Consistency
  Setting Times
  Compressive Strength
  Chemical Analysis
  Concrete Cubes/Beam Crushing Strength (Concrete Cubes)
  Flexural Strength (Concrete Beam )
  Interlocking Pavers Block Compressive Strength (Block)
  Water Absorption (Block)
  Abrasion Value (Block)
  Flexural Strength (Block)
   Concrete Concrete Mix Design
  Self compacting concrete
  Pumpable Concrete Non Pumpable Concrete & higher grades concrete designs
   All type of Tiles Dimensions & Surface Quality
  Physical Properties (Water Absorption, Modulus of Rupture & Crazing Resistance)
  Chemical Properties (Chemical Resistance)
   Chequred Tiles Straightness
  Water Absorption
  Wet Transverse Strength
  Resistance to Wear
   Marble Moisture Absorption
  Hardness Test (Mohs Scale)
  Specific Gravity
   Sand Stone Water Absorption
  Transverse Strength
  Resistance to Wear
   Bricks All Types Crushing Strength
  Water Absorption
   Steel M.S. Round Bars, Tor Steel, Angle, I Section, Channels, Plate, Flats & All Type of Steel Sections Chemical Analysis (Carbon / Sulphur / Phosphorus %)
Wt/ Mtr., Mass / X Sec. Area, Proof Stress, Elongation %, Tensile Strength, Bend & Rebend Test
   Aluminum Section Powder Coating & Anodizing Thickness
   Water Construction Purpose
   Admixture Dry Material Content, Ash Content, Relative Density at 270 C,
Chloride Ion Content, pH Value
  Fly Ash Physical & Chemical Test
  Rock Point Load Test (Safe Bearing Capacity of Rock Lumps)
  Unconfined Compressive Strength
  Rock Core Safe Bearing Capacity
  Water Absorption